I have been studying the western mystery tradition with the Modern Mystery School for over 5 years and it is just amazing for personal growth and empowerment. Authentic higher teachings of the ancient mysteries are available to you. You can re-create your life by changing your energy structure for better health, expanded intuition, clarity, creativity, confidence, empowerment, stress relief and joy. These methods are a forgotten science of bringing your energy body into balance and awakening forgotten channels to open you to amazing personal growth. These techniques are not religious and are universal to benefit anyone coming from any faith or belief system.

Balancing and strengthening your aura and complex energy body is the first step to physical, emotional and mental health. These ancient techniques have been handed down teacher to student in direct lineage for over 3,000 years from King Salomon, who was renowned for his wisdom. Our history is filled with people who have walked this path of personal growth to open their full talents like Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Nikola Tesla, Winston Churchill, The Beatles, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Carlos Santana, Michelangelo, and many more. Do you feel called to accomplish something but not sure what or how? Unlock your passion. This path offers the most direct way to reach higher levels of mastery in your life!

The whole idea is "Know Thyself." We can do amazing things by activating and awakening our true inner guidance and passion. You can start your transformational journey into the ancient wisdom of the western mystery tradition with sessions and classes designed to balance your energy for holistic healing and personal growth.

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Begin with a free consultation or $50 intro session of Akashic Records Reading and Release to see if the Mystery School Path of Progression is right for you!

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  • I experienced a new energy technique on Tuesday night called Hermetic Rebalancing. Before surgery, I told you that I worked with Shawn Cassel as she gave me seven Etheric Reconstruction sessions. Along with the other energy sessions I had from many others (hands on and distance) as well as heartfelt prayers of hundreds, I found these sessions with Shawn transforming and I truly believed they changed the way the cancer presented to the surgeons. I am fortunate to be very sensitive to feeling energy within my system which makes the session experiences even better. Remember, all energy sessions really are you receiving energy and YOU along with your Source are the healers. You and your attitude and your openness determine the effect and outcome.  

    Anyway - Tuesday's session. I can't tell you exactly what happened because I have no words really but I came out of the session refreshed. I have been sleeping wonderfully. ALL of the post-surgery mind fog is lifted. I feel energized. I feel empowered. I feel ALIVE. I feel inspired. I feel creative again.  This Hermetic Rebalancing session helps the body/mind/spirit to stay in balance so that cancer doesn't return. Incorporating good holistic energy sessions into a full medical approach gives the body/mind/spirit tools with which we can enhance and accelerate healing.  - S. Lancaster, PA
  • At first I was concerned as to what this Life (DNA) Activation was all about.  It took trusting the Practitioner before I would even think about sitting in the chair.  Asking questions helped me to develop trust, which gave me the comfort to allow the process to begin. Before the Activation, I was dealing with mild depression and lack of energy. When the Activation was complete, I felt energized and joyful.  The energies that I experienced continued to grow each day and opened me to many answers that I searched a lifetime for.  My life has been given a new SPARK, and I continue to grow in ways I did not know were possible. - Missy,  Technology Manager
  • It was amazing how peaceful and calm I felt after the Activation. A very sacred process! I continue to experience increased ability to sense and feel energy while working on clients & improved physical energy level, increased concentration level, and peace in my heart. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about spiritual growth. - Brandon,    Physical Therapist
  • Since I had the Activation done, I have been actively enjoying who I am.   It’s so cool!  I can’t stop smiling. - Marie,  IT Professional
  • I have been asked several times over the past weeks, what have I done to provide this glow that people see in me. The negative is no longer part of my being. Changes have occurred in my career, increased income and responsibilities. - Michael,  Auto Dealership Manager
  • I found my experience with your work amazingly wonderful. There were lots of physical changes in the time following my Activation. My artwork and bodywork are going well in spite of some significant challenges along the way.  I'm glad I finally overcame my aversion to the Activation to let you work with me. - Beverlee,  Health Professional
  • My experience with the Life (DNA) Activation has been profound with not only feeling the energies during the process, but lasting as well. It has given me the clarity and peace I needed to make some life-changing decisions. I would recommend this treatment to anyone looking to further their spirituality. - Liz,  Horse Farm Caretaker
  • I have always described the effects of the Activation as subtle but profound.  Looking back now, I’m not sure how subtle they actually were.  When I had the Activation, I was suffering from a number of physical ailments, many of them stress related, and was on several very strong medications to keep them manageable.  Within 6 months, I was medication free.  Four years later, that is still true.  I credit the Activation with helping me see my life more clearly and, as a result, helping me navigate it much more skillfully and joyfully. - Stanley,    CEO
  • The Activation awakened energies and a sense of self discovery in me that I didn't know existed.  It helped me to discover more of who I am. - Tom,   Grocery Store Manager 
  • I have participated in many varying kinds of energy work with varying practitioners but this Activation was unique.  It helped me to experience my body and my connection with it in new and powerful ways.  Since the Activation I have experienced a new and sustained level of awareness with myself and with others. - Dale,   Business Owner
  • The Activation really helped me to expand and hold a lot more energy than I had before. I feel I can serve my clients more proficiently. - Nicole,   Hair Salon Owner
  • I did the Activation because I was looking for direction for my future. Since the Activation, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING things have been happening in my life; some so profound that I can describe in no other way than as sheer MIRACLES.  - Shirley,  Grocery Store Supervisor